©Stefan Effenhauser

Galleria Secchia

In the Galleria Secchia, the audience becomes witness to the creation of an interdisciplinary work of art:

The three acrobats Carmen Lück, Lukas Kastl and Jonas Dürrbeck make the stage tremble with their handstands, turns and jumps, while Antonino Secchia accompanies and supplements the happening on a musical level with his own compositions and improvisation.

In the course of the piece, a work of art is created on canvas that only reveals itself at the finale.

Enjoying a nice cup of hot tea, content with oneself and the world, and letting time pass by... that's how every day could begin. But there's always someone interfering again and again! "Just a Cup of Tea" is a Never-Ending Story about the unusual relationship between two very different characters, where humor and theater are not the only elements at play, but also dance, acrobatics, Cyr Wheel(s), handbalancing, and an artistic pole.
The two incredibly charming characters present a show of extraordinary artistic level, wrapped in a humorous theatrical play that becomes an entertaining experience for every audience.